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Consultancy contracts begin with initial site visits and further site investigations, followed up with written reports that include assessment of the current status of a water way or Stillwater as well as recommendations for the improvement or maintenance of the habitats found within the site. The extent of the data collected is specific to the site in question; our team are equipped to carry out:

  • Flora and fauna identification, surveys, and long term management plans.
  • Invertebrate identification and population monitoring.
  • Fish stock assessments.
  • Fish population dynamics assessment; population structure and ageing.
  • Fish health and condition factor assessments.
  • Safe fish stocking and removal plans either short or long term, considering all environmental factors for the recovery of fisheries requiring future stock management schemes.
  • Water quality testing and monitoring.
  • Disease identification and recommendations for eradication or long term treatment strategies for acute and chronic diseases.
  • Scientific investigations and reports involving the design of robust data collection surveys and accurate statistical analysis of data, with detailed data interpretation, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Biosecurity assessment and recommendations for management.